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Chez Jacroux is a private barn nestled in the Cascade foothills of Carnation, half-hour east of Redmond, WA. Chez Jacroux opened its doors in 2007 with an unwavering vision of personalized, premium horse care in a beautiful, comfortable environment.

Brenda and Richard Jacroux own and manage this first-class facility. We are a family of riders, competitive and casual. With over 20 years of experience, we know how happy, healthy, going horses should look and behave. And every day, we foster this happy, healthy look and behavior.

Caring for your horse is job number one at Chez Jacroux, and we’ve assembled a dedicated team of experts whose number one job every day is caring for your horse. From barn chores to training, footing, shoeing, and vet care, quality, and dedication to your horse are the screening factors we require.

Of course, you are welcome to bring your horse’s care team here. If you wish to use ours, we proudly offer the services of: