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Prosecco aka Bijou

Whether you’re looking for your next Amateur-Owner, Junior Hunter, or Derby champion prospect, Bijou has what it takes to be your champion!


Bijou was sired by Paparazzo in July, 2014 out of a Caprimond mare. She is registered and branded Hanoverian and has a lifetime USEF membership. Paparazzo is an Elite Hanoverian Stallion, by Pablo, son of champion stallion, Pilot. Paparazzo is currently ranked 8th in USEF Hunter Sires. Learn more about him:

Her dam, Ciao Bella aka Southern Belle, is registered Hanoverian and lends her lovely movement and calm temperament. Her sire, Caprimond, is a beautiful stallion who passes on correct conformation, temperament and athletic ability. He consistently ranks at the top of the Hanoverian Yearbook of Stallions in breeding value for conformation and type. Learn more about him:

Natural Talent

From her first jump through a chute, Bijou’s natural style shown as a 10! She has tight, square knees, a lovely expression and bascule and great finish behind. Her steady canter is as rhythmical to the fence as it is away from it. Her leads are balanced and her canter correctly pushes from behind. Bijou is light in your hand and goes in a straight-forward plain snaffle bit. She is smart and seeks to figure out the answer to whatever question you are asking of her. She is brave and trusting.


At Chez Jacroux, our mission is to bring along top young hunter prospects to become safe riding and handling partners. As a yearling, Bijou began the process of true halter breaking with Dave Clarke: giving to pressure, following her human as her leader, respecting human space and requests. She has been roped, ponied, and packed on trails and has some trail experience. Bijou trailer loads like a dream, ties, and stands for grooming (including the vacuum), bathing, and shoeing.



No injuries, surgeries, or unsoundness, ever. She is stunning, mannered, and talented- your next champion partner!