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The heart of Chez Jacroux is your horse’s well-being, both physically and mentally. When your horse arrives, she or he will feel the difference in our care on day one. There is a peaceful camaraderie among the 7-10 horses that reside here. They have consistent, quality, safe, personalized attention every day.

Our routine is consistent. Our horses can take comfort in:

  • 3 daily feedings of high-quality Timothy hay
  • Daily turnout 365 days of the year
  • Kind, safe handling from stall to turnout
  • Turnout with a buddy or solo, whichever they prefer
  • A watchful eye throughout the day because we live here and care about their activities

What is considered “add-ons” at other barns are considered “standard quality” at our barn:

  • Our horses have blankets put on or removed when they are too cold or too warm. We check them at feedings to make sure they are comfortable
  • We put fly masks and sheets on and apply fly spray before turnout when they need the protection
  • We pick their hooves when they go out to and come in from turnout, helping to prevent thrush or stone bruises
  • We put turnout boots on and take them off when they come in. We check for boot rubs every time
  • We feed medications and supplements, soak hay or other feed, provide hay pellets if needed
  • We coordinate farrier and vet visits

Our specialty is rehabilitation:

  • From stall-rest to hand-walking and performance re-conditioning, we make a personal investment in your horse’s road to recovery
  • We take only 1 or 2 rehab clients at a time, allowing us to achieve the level of personal attention necessary to keep your equine partner healthy and happy during his/her stay here
  • We work closely with your vet, trainer, and farrier to craft a rehab program and customize our facility for your horse’s needs during his/her rehab journey
  • Over the years, many rehab horses have blessed our barn with their whinnies. After attaining a veterinarian-approved level of conditioning, clients return to their training barn and move right into their normal program