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Debbie Medved

I am very happy to recommend Chez Jacroux for the rehabilitation of your horse or pony. Brenda is knowledgeable, professional, and very thorough in her care. As Chez Jacroux resides on her private property it has been built as a beautiful, warm, nurturing facility. The barn, stalls, turnout paddocks, and training rings are all kept in immaculate condition and are within view of her home. You are certain to receive 24-hour care by Brenda personally and she can be in the barn within a moment’s notice in the event of an emergency.

Brenda rehabilitated our competitive show pony successfully and then began retraining her before returning her to us. During the rehabilitation process, we were kept in the loop regarding the current status and Brenda was very careful to consult with the vet often. We visited regularly and once the pony was able to be ridden my daughter would visit and ride her in the training ring. Brenda was careful to keep a watchful eye and offer helpful tips as to what was appropriate for a rehabilitating pony.

If you are looking for quality, professional rehabilitation care I can confidently state that Brenda will do an amazing job for you at Chez Jacroux!