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Bettijean Collins

Everyone fears a possible career-ending injury for their horse. But if you can get past the injury, the road to recovery can be equally daunting. When my mare shredded her deep digital flexor tendon, I thought she was done. Figuring I had nothing to lose, I took her to Brenda to start the long rehab process. Brenda worked closely with my vet and with me to make sure Cassi had all the correct treatments and a solid rehab program. Cassi had a long stall rest so she not only needed to come back slowly to rebuild her body; she had a lot of steam to blow off as well. Brenda handled it all with grace and humor. Cassi is now several years post-injury. She and I have a full training schedule and an equally full competition calendar. We could not have done it without Brenda’s excellent rehab care!