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Chez Jacroux was built with your horse at the center.

Personal, Peaceful, Safe, and Healthy.

  • We live on-site. Your horse is part of our lives and we care 24/7.
  • Large stalls with thick mats over tamped gravel floors are thickly bedded with shavings to reduce stress on legs and encourage restful time while inside.
  • Each stall has a window or Dutch door so your horse can always see what is going on around him or her.
  • Stall fronts have safety bars that prevent potential injuries while allowing your horse to see the others in the barn.
  • The attached run-outs are gravel over a hoof grid that ensures zero mud, even in the worst of winter.
  • Flexible vinyl Centaur fencing with top hot wire reinforcement keeps your horse safely enclosed in turn-out. It doesn’t shatter like standard vinyl. It doesn’t rot like wood. It is very visible and horses respect it.
  • Hot water wash rack with heat lamps makes winter baths comfortable.
  • Heated tack room keeps your saddle, bridle, and other tack safe from being damaged by the damp weather.
  • Heated water buckets encourage your horse to drink more water during the cold months.
  • Medicines, ice wraps, and other items may be stored in our on-site refrigerator.
  • Fly control is essential! Each stall is equipped with an automatic, metered repellent spray as is the barn aisle. Fly predators and free-range chickens (yes, we sell eggs, too) also assist with insect management.
  • We provide blanket cleaning pick-up service via Blanket Express.
  • We believe in turnout! Even in winter, horses go out for at least 4 hours. In the summer, your horse can be go out at breakfast and eat lunch outside, returning to his or her stall for dinner.
  • Large gravel paddocks provide safe room to romp. Your horse may go out alone or with a buddy, whatever makes your horse most happy.
  • We also have Paddock Paradise turnout with wide paths that wind through the surrounding forest and accessing the pastures and paddocks. Horses go out in small groups and meander all day long until it’s time to come in for dinner.
  • Large grass pastures are at the center of the farm, and horses that can eat grass have access to pasture all year round.
  • Our large 180×80 outdoor arena is incredible. Our footing is sand and granulated rubber that is laser-leveled regularly. With 3 feet of rock underneath it, the arena drains beautifully. It is lit for evening riding and fenced for safety.
  • 20 acres of cool-out trails are open for your horse’s peace of mind before or after your arena work.
  • During dry months, we open our large pasture and trails up for riding and offer natural obstacles (logs, ditches, etc.) configured as a mini-cross country course.
  • Moss Lake Nature preserve is a short trailer ride away and provides hours of beautiful terrain to explore.

Here is a video to show you a bit more of the experience at Chez Jacroux

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