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Chez Jacroux, nestled in the Cascade foothills of Carnation, is devoted to selecting and developing top-quality hunter and jumper prospects. Whether you’re looking for your next Amateur-Owner, Junior Hunter, or Derby champion prospect, you’ve come to the right place

The Back Story
Brenda Jacroux launched Chez Jacroux in 2007 as a boarding and hunter/jumper rehab operation. While over 90% of rehab clients fully recovered from their injuries and returned to competitive life, some were unable to jump and sought careers as trail horses or doing light flatwork only. The trouble was that most of these elite athletes had not been ridden on trails and were mostly handled by professional grooms as opposed to their amateur owners. The seeds grew from this challenge into a mission to raise more well-rounded, gentler mounts for the competition ring.

A Star is Born
I am constantly searching for yearlings that I feel match the four pillars of my mission: natural talent, safety, pedigree, and beauty. I then spend the next two to three years preparing them for success before I ever offer them up for sale.

My prospects are stunning. I choose horses that draw your eye to them. Their look, markings, and presence are sure to catch the judge’s eye.

My prospects are naturally talented. Their confirmation is correct. Their movement is balanced with elegance and suspension. All have ground-covering gaits and athletic form over fences.

My prospects are very well bred. I look for top sires and dam sires that are known for passing on correct conformation, good temperament and athletic ability. They are all registered with their breed associations.

My prospects are safe on the ground and in the saddle. They are halter-broke and handled using Jon Ensign and Dave Clarke horsemanship: giving to pressure, following their humans as their leaders, respecting human space and direction. As two-year olds, they are shown in-hand and travel to local shows for exposure. When they are started, they spend months at a working ranch, learning to be light and supple in the bridle, balanced and responsive in the saddle, and brave in a variety of situations. Finally, they go to a top hunter/jumper trainer in Jacksonville, Florida to complete their training and experience showing in the ring.

In the end, you have a lovely, champion-quality, well-started, amateur-friendly horse who is easy to be around on the ground and ready to win in the show ring. And, when their competitive career is over, they really can be a trail horse.

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